Jonathan Glisson is a music composer hailing from Memphis, Tennessee.

His sound is kaleidoscopic, cinematic, and forward-thinking, borrowing from a wide variety of influences. As a keen multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan is able to build intricate sonic layers featuring a range of sounds, from the pounding beat of drums, to the luscious depth of electronics, down to the emotional dynamism of an orchestra. This versatile approach yields inspiring compositions that are highly sought-after for media licensing purposes (film, TV, and more).

Besides creating his own compositions, Jonathan has been working as a music producer, providing first-rate recording, mixing, and mastering services for many customers who rely on his expertise to improve their releases.

Jonathan’s skills are also recognized on an academic level, as he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from the University of Memphis, where he was also praised with the prestigious Smit Award for Excellence in Music Composition.